We look after people of all ages, and regard each one as very special.
Every person is important to us, and we regard every person as special.
We try to treat each person as well as we would like to be treated by others.
We aim to be the best general practice that we can be.
We welcome all people, regardless of age, sex, race, or any other differences.
We respect the rights of each person.

Our Story

Ninety years and many doctors, our dedication to our patients never changes

We’re the old timer, the reliable, dedicated safety net, always there when you need us. But there’s nothing old fashioned about our skills or our experience. Every one of our GPs is highly trained, highly experience and up to date with the latest changes in General Practice.

A quick history

Wynlorel has been looking after the people of Malvern since 1924 when Dr. Stan McKenzie opened the practice as a solo practitioner, working from his rooms on Malvern Road. Dr. F Winston Kiel joined Dr. McKenzie in 1948 and moved premises to Wattletree Rd. Dr. McKenzie retired two years later.

Dr. Kiel practiced alone until 1957 when he was joined by Dr. John S Pettit, and briefly, Dr. Glynn White. Dr. Frank Spence joined in 1969, working in general practice and his own specialty of obstetrics and gynaecology.

In 1974 Dr. Kiel’s daughter Dr. Judith W Heale started and for 17 years they worked together, before Dr. Kiel retired in 1992 at 77. Illness caused Dr. Spence to retire in 1994. Dr. Andy Psaradellis, who is still at the practice, joined later that year.

Dr. Pettit retired at the end of 1996.

More recently

Since the original guard retired, several more Doctors have joined Wynlorel and the larger team has required a move to bigger premises. Dr. Psaradellis’ wife Dr. Doris Daglas joined in 1998 along with Dr. Jenny Mather. In July 2010, we welcomed Dr. Margaret Beavis who joined us in 2012. We were then joined by Dr. Yoel Eisenberg in 2015.

We also host GP registrars who are qualified doctors completing their GP training.